octopus employing ink defense during jet-propelled escape [132k]

I was following this 18-24 inch (45-60 cm) octopus for about ten minutes before it decided it no longer desired my company. An octopus will try bluffing or crawling away from a potential predator first, or if more desperate measures are needed, it uses its siphon to rapidly squirt jets of water for a quick escape. As a last resort, a store of "ink" is used to cloud the water, confusing the predator's sense of sight and smell. Often the octopus may first cloud the water and do a "disappearing act" with its jet propulsion, much like a stage magician.  

In this case, the jet propulsion and ink defense were used simultaneously. I was panning the camera along with the subject at the instant the shutter released, managing to catch the defensive maneuver in progress.

 genus/species identification: unknown


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