potbelly seahorse, Hippocampus abdominalis [121K]

The pot-bellied seahorse, also known as the big-belly seahorse, is one of the largest of all seahorse species, growing up to 32 cm (12.6 inches). Both males and females appear bloated in the abdomen compared to other seahorses. The male (on right side of photo) has a very prominent, light-colored abdomen, typically looking as swollen as males of other species in the latter stages of pregnancy. Their skin texture appears very smooth in comparison to most other species. Other examples of sexual dimorphism include heavier markings on the male, a shorter, thicker snout, and a proportionally longer tail than the female.

Hippocampus abdominalis

potbelly seahorse #2 [97K]
pot-bellied seahorse, profile  
seahorse front view
pot-bellied seahorse, front view
potbelly seahorse #16 [140K]
pot-bellied seahorse, holding fast

two potbelly seahorses, #17 [177K]
two pot-bellied seahorses 


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